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Time4You-Reflexology provides a Clinical Reflexology Treatment service for adults within Wem, Shropshire and surrounding areas, helping to improve well being and quality of life.

What is Reflexology?

This is a gentle, non invasive therapy that helps the body to heal itself and become more in balance.

It involves applying finger or thumb pressure to specific points on the feet. These points are called 'reflexes' and they reflect or mirror, the organs and structures of the body as well as a person's emotional health. In this way the feet are 'mini maps' of the body that can be used to encourage holistic healing.

How can it benefit you?

-Reflexology improves cardio vascular circulation and encourages blood flow to all organs of the body.

-It regulates blood pressure, stimulates circulation and rejuvenates tired tissues.

-It helps improve lymphatic circulation in the body by encouraging the movement of toxins and waste products in the lymph system.

-Through deep relaxation, it helps the muscles to relax and release tension and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.

-It is a great form of stress relief and works holistically by relaxing the mind as well as the body.

The short clip below is produced by the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and helps to provide a brief overview of Reflexology.

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