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Customer Testimonials

I first met Lisa when I volunteered for her to practice on me as part of her training.

I have suffered from severe migraines as part of a medical condition for a number of years. The migraines alone have been enough to force me out of action for days. Having had a few reflexology sessions, I noticed an improvement in my health and general well-being. I wasn't in any doubt that I wanted to continue to use Lisa once she qualified, and my Neurologist agreed. I now see Lisa once a month for Reflexology. I find the treatment more relaxing than a massage. I can zone out, drift into another world and forget everything. Each time after my treatment I feel recharged and relaxed. I sleep amazingly well and wake up with more energy the next morning.

My medical condition has improved greatly since having the treatments and for that reason alone I will continue to book my monthly treatment. 

Female, aged 41 years. Suffering with Migraines.

I've been having Reflexology from Lisa for several weeks now and I find her service to be excellent. I'm amazed by how Reflexology really works for me and the home visits offered by Lisa are extremely convenient.

Male, aged 64 years. Suffering with Arthritis, indigestion, general tension.

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